Peel & Stick Wallpaper: What You Need To Know

Wallpaper is officially making a comeback, yall. And it is so much better than it was in the 90’s. Peel and freakin’ stick! Hell. Ya. But I get it, even the peel & stick is a little daunting. Hopefully this post puts you at ease. Because I have never applied wallpaper before. But it was 100% doable and makes a real statement! Seriously. It also makes everything else easier to design around, in my opinion. Once I had my grey brick wallpaper up, it kind of “set the tone” for the room & made everything else easier to pick.

Whenever I post a picture of my master on my Instagram (@everydaykacie), I get so many messages about my wallpaper. Does it peel in the corners? Was it easy to put on? Would I recommend it? So I decided to write this to answer all your wallpaper questions, & offer a couple tips, too.

First of all, you of course need to pick out your wallpaper. It’s important to get a high quality wallpaper. I always, always, always sift through reviews. Of course, there are going to be unhappy customers with just about everything. But if the majority are positive, I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet. I have only tried one brand of wallpaper & that is Nuwallpaper. So I can’t vouch for anything else. This white & grey brick by them is what I have in my home. I got it on Amazon Prime & the whole wall cost me about $100. Which I think is a great price considering how good it looks! I’ll link some other options by Nuwallpaper below. P.S.: This post is not sponsored by Nuwallpaper. Worth mentioning. These are my honest opinions & I just really love my wallpaper.

Now for some tips and tricks.

REGARDING ADHERANCE. Wallpaper adheres best to a fairly smooth surface. Which makes sense. I have just regular, builder-grade walls in my home & it stuck easily with zero peeling, not even in the corners. Allegedly, it sticks best to painted walls, so long as they are not painted with nonstick paint. Also, CLEAN YOUR WALL. Seriously. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, you’d be surprised what builds up on those things. Just scrub it down with warm water & make sure it is fully dry before applying.

REGARDING APPLICATION. It’s peel & stick. Which means the wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing on it. So as far as the peel & stick part, it really just peels and sticks. However, here are a couple tips regarding the application process. 1) Don’t assume your ceiling is perfectly straight. Luckily, mine was. But I have heard of people encountering this, so prior to applying, I did check because you want the wallpaper to go all the way to the top. 2) When measuring, give yourself a little extra in vertical length so that if something goes wrong or your ceiling line isn’t perfectly straight, you won’t run into any shortages. Having a little extra on top will be especially helpful if your ceiling lines aren’t exactly straight. That way, you can take a utility knife and cut perfectly along the ceiling line using the corner as your guide line. 3: Make sure your patterns match up. I mean, this kind of goes without saying, but ya know. 4: When applying the wallpaper, go very. very. very. slow as you remove the paper backing & begin sticking it to your actual wall. And I would remove the backing as your go down the wall, NOT all at once. I went left to right. Top to bottom. As you remove, try your best to remove any air bubbles or creases with your hands. And air bubbles will happen. Hence, goooo sloooowwwww. Use a plastic puddy knife once the panel is on to smooth out the panel. Plastic is better than metal to avoid any scratching. 5) PATIENCE. It is by no means hard, but there are some times it can be frustrating. Get your “untangling-Christmas-lights” patience ready. But I swear, the juice is worth the squeeze. It is not a hard process, just takes time. And it’s worth the time. I haven’t hard one person that sees my master bedroom that doesn’t say they love that wall. And I freakin’ love that wall. So much.

That’s it! If you have any lingering questions, please don’t hesitate to ask & I will try to answer them! I have linked my grey brick wallpaper along with a couple other Nuwallpaper brand wallpapers that I almost chose, too. I am not linking any other brands simply because I have no experience with them, so I don’t want to steer you wrong. Of course there are so many others. I just can’t vouch for their quality. And Nuwallpaper rocks. Here are a couple favorites, and the one I used in my master.

My Grey Brick Wallpaper

Barnwood-Style Wallpaper

Reclaimed Wood Plank Wallpaper

Farmhouse Grey Plaid Wallpaper

Vintage Tin Tile Wallpaper

Reclaimed Brick Wallpaper

Folk Tulip Wallpaper

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