Creating Your Cozy Space

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge supporter of all things cozy. Cozy pajamas, cozy socks, cozy blankets, cozy rooms. During the holidays, it’s easy to create that cozy, festive home filled with lots of warmth. But what about after? We still have a couple months of winter, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely want that cozy feeling to stay even if the holidays have come to a close. Especially since I live somewhere that temperatures drop well-below freezing! In the spirit of that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for creating that cozy feeling in your own home. Click below to read more.

  1. My number one suggestion? All the chunky blankets and comfy throw pillows. Seriously. Add some of those to just about any room and it almost automatically cozies up the space.
  2. Candles! While a fireplace or wood-burning stove of course brings so much warmth, both physically & aesthetically, candles also do too! During winter, I light 4 candles in our family room almost every night I’m not working. I love the smell and I just love how it makes the room feel. Even my husband is jumping on the candle train.  My all-time favorite candles are the Hearth & Hand candles. I sure do love Joanna Gaines, but I may love her candles more. My favorites are this galvanized sugared birch candle and this cardamom and vetiver candle, but you really can’t go wrong with any. All her candles are designed to be lit together and still smell so. so. so. good.
  3. Books. They are one of my favorite décor tricks for making a home cozier. Best part? They are so affordable. Find them at garage sales, used book stores… your attic? Old books give that collected and warm feeling that you get when you walk in a library. They can stack on your built-ins, side tables, nightstands, underneath your favorite lamp to add height, on your coffee table. They really can go anywhere. Below, I have some personalized books stacked with corbels on my nightstand. The books don’t have to be personalized, of course! I just was gifted these from Boxed Home Decor and loved the personal touch they added to our bedroom.
  4. Photographs and art! Bare walls = not cozy. I love gallery walls that combine family photos, personal sentiments, and just pretty things that make you happy. A wall full of things you love will instantly make that room more inviting to you and your guests. My gallery wall is pictured below, and I kept it simple, but personal. I love how it turned out. I got the galvanized letter from Hobby Lobby and wood arrows from Amazon awhile ago.
  5. Wood accents. Whether it’s an entire wood accent wall, wood candle holders, wooden trays, wooden coffee table, or a wooden lantern. Wood is cozy.
  6. Houseplants and greenery! Bring the outside in! I have succulents littered throughout my entire house. I also have a faux eucalyptus garland along my mantle & I love it. I also have this boxwood wreath on my gallery wall and this Hearth & Hand wreath above our bed. Greenery cozies up your space. I promise. Joanna Gaines and my mama taught me that. P.S. If you are not the greatest green thumb that ever lived, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, and Michael’s have really good faux greenery options 😉
  7. Different textures! Of course, everything has its own texture. ‘Soft’ is a texture. But what I am talking about here are things like wood and textiles. Mix it up, people. Have a leather couch? Add a faux fur throw blanket or a big chunky knit blanket.  You can add texture with rugs, drapes, wall art, plants, chandeliers. All kinds of stuff. When you mix things up and layer different textures in a space, it makes it look and feel much warmer. Even an all white room with zero color can feel cozy if the right textures are mixed together. An example of mixing textures is below! In my master I have the faux brick, wooden headboard, the ruffled bedding, the faux fur throw, the metallic pillows! I love these textured pom pillows, too!

There you have it! My top 7 easy ways to add instant coziness to your home. Happy Wednesday, y’all ❤️

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