The Easiest DIY Mirror Upgrade


We bought a builder-grade house. And (surprise) it came with builder-grade mirrors. You know, the plain-jane mirrors connected by the little clips. I knew that I wanted to do SOMETHING to make them look better. I contemplated buying new mirrors altogether, which was turning out to be very expensive. So I searched for a more budget-friendly alternative! One of my Instagram buddies, @societyofsumner, had posted how she framed her builder-grade mirrors. Hers came out so good. And I knew I had to do it! I did a little internet search and there are A LOT of people who have done this in various ways. I’m going to share with y’all how I did it. And if you aren’t already wondering… the whole project cost me about $75 for both bathrooms!

First off, I’m going to just go ahead and give you a list of the supplies we used for this project:



And now, here’s a step-by-step of how we did it!

STEP 1: Measure your mirrors so that you know how much wood you need to get. Then of course, get the wood & and any other supplies you need. It’s always better to have a little extra wood, just in case. TIP:  When buying the wood, lay the boards flat on the ground to ensure that aren’t “warped” or bent. We bought one piece that was not perfectly flat, and it doesn’t work.

STEP 2: Stain, sand, paint the wood to your liking. If you bought a pre-stained or pre-painted wood, omit this step.

STEP 3: Remove the mirror clips if you have them. When the clips are off, generally the mirror is just held in place by the piece at the bottom. We then used a liberal amount of the Liquid Nails mirror adhesive to attach the mirror to the wall. Here is a link to Liquid Nail’s website if you want to read more about the mirror adhesive and its properties. We then put a couple pieces of painter’s tape to hold the mirror in place because the Liquid Nails allows for 10 minutes of “repositioning” before it fully adheres.

STEP 4: Cutting & attaching the wood. We opted out of a “miter edge” because we wanted a more rustic look, so we just did straight cuts. In order to avoid any pieces that were too short, we cut as we went as opposed to measuring everything and cutting it all at once. So I measured one side, then I cut that piece, and then I attached that piece. Then I measure the next side, cut that piece, and attached that piece. Be very careful when cutting! Remember, it’s better to have the wood be slightly too long and need to me shaved a little than too short. When attaching, we made a “squiggly line” of Power Grab to attach the wood DIRECTLY on the mirror. I did not put the frame on the wall. I applied the frame directly on to the mirror. However, I am sure if you had enough space on each side of the mirror and underneath, you could frame on the wall vs mirror. See picture below of how we applied the Power Grab. Once we placed the wood on the mirror and had it in correct position (use your level!), we applied painter’s tape to hold it in place while it fully adheres. Leave all painter’s tape in place for 24 while the adhesive cures.

STEP 5: Remove painter’s tape and admire your bathroom mirrors!


That’s it!  If you have ANY questions, leave them in the comments or message me on Instagram (@everydaykacie). I am sure there are several products/ways you can complete this, but this is how I personally did it. And I found it to be pretty easy! If you do the project, tag me so I can see! Happy Sunday yall.


*This blog post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links (which helps keep the blog goin’ and my lights on), but you will never pay a single penny more for the product! Thank you so much 🙂




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