How To Create An Under $25 Gift Box For Everyone On Your List

Sometimes gift-giving stresses me out. Because let’s be honest, a good gift can leave a big—and lasting—impression on its recipient. That’s why knowing how to give a great gift is a skill that we can all stand to benefit from! Especially around the holidays. One of my favorite gifting hacks are the one, the only, gift baskets/gift boxes! Maybe it’s that little bit of OCD I have in me, but I love coming up with a theme and curating a little box of things I know someone will love. Today, I am on the blog with Tuesday Morning sharing how to create a beautiful gift box WITHOUT breaking the bank! Each of these boxes contain name-brand, high quality items at a fraction of the cost. To be specific, each basket cost under $25 for everything inside. Do you like great deals without sacrificing quality? You came to the right party. Click below to see!

Five Steps to the Perfect Gift Box:

Step One: Decide theme. Go to Tuesday Morning & find all the goodies to stuff it with!

Step Two: Get a box/basket/crate.

Step Three: Add kraft paper to bottom to support and lift items up & shredded paper to fill in/add texture (also available at Tuesday Morning!).

Step Four: Add items to box.

Step Five: Give gift and see your loved ones face light up with excitement!


More information on how I filled my box:

I went to Tuesday Morning & was able to fill the box with upscale items (OPI Nail Polish, Char-Broil products, Cuisinart, Harry & David) for a way lower pricetag! Other brands I also saw while shopping: Crock Pot, Hot Wheels, Mega Bloks, Yankee Candle, and so many more!

Now, let me share with y’all the three gift boxes I created to inspire you:

A spa box — Perfect for your friends, mother-in-law, grandma, teachers, co-workers, sister. I stuffed mine with a bath bomb, fuzzy socks, a peony-scented candle, nail polish, a collagen face mask, and hand cream!


A coffee-lover’s box — Great for grandparents, in-laws, teachers, friends, coworkers. I put a super cute galvanized coffee canister, Harry & David coffee, and a vintage Santa mug inside.


A grillmaster box — For your father-in-law, dad, husband, or guy friend! I included a grill brush, corn on the cob skewers, a burger press, burger seasoning, and a stainless steel cooking rack!


Other easy gift box ideas you can create all with stuff from Tuesday Morning: a chef’s box, a wine lover’s box, a techie box, a foodie box, a sweet lover’s box, a Hot Wheels box, a princess box… and so many more! Click here to find a Tuesday Morning near you!

And that’s a wrap! No pun intended. I hope this inspired you to create something personal, something fun, and something inexpensive yet high quality for your loved ones! Any questions, just leave them in the comments!



This blog post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning. All opinions & ideas are my own 🙂





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