DIY Wooden Headboard for under $100!

This is probably my most commonly asked question on my Instagram (@everydaykacie). “Did you make that headboard or buy it?” And the answer? I made it! And it’s probably the easiest DIY project I’ve ever done. Ever. I’m not lying. Here are step-by-step instructions on creating your very own wooden headboard in under one hour for under one hundred dollars! Can’t beat that.

STEP ONE: Purchase a single panel of dog-eared fencing from Lowe’s. I have a California King size bed and I still had to saw a couple panels off, so one panel is enough. At my local Lowe’s, they have like 120 in stock in the store, so you should be able to pick it up at your local store, but you can order them online as well. Click here for link to fencing panel.

STEP TWO: Measure the width of your mattress. Use a handsaw (or any saw of your choice) and saw off excess boards so that it is the size of your mattress. It’s definitely better to have it a little too wide as opposed to too narrow if you are trying to decide whether to saw off the board or leave the board. Mine is probably 2 inches out on each side of the bed. Plus, add in some throw pillows and you won’t be able to tell at all!

STEP THREE: WHITEWASH! Y’all. If you haven’t white washed anything. It’s so easy. And I’m not lying. For my white, I used this DecoArt paint. It’s non-toxic & water-based. It works great for indoor or outdoor painting projects! Next, get some mixing cups/bowls and mix up 1 part water to 2 parts paint. Then, brush the paint on in the direction of the grain. Do not ROLL the paint on. Then, wipe off with a paper towel or rag in the direction of the grain. You can repeat the brushing on of the paint + wiping off of the paint until you get your desired look. Let dry. *Optional: Sanding to create a more rustic look.

STEP FOUR: Attach it to the wall. I literally just used a long nail and hammered it right into studs on my wall. It was the quickest and easiest way. I am sure there are some other attachment methods that may be more professional, but that’s just the way I did it. 🙂 So the wooden board is NOT attached to my actual bed.


AND THAT’S IT! I told you, easy right? It’s also worth mentioning, if you don’t want to white wash the headboard, you can totally stain it or paint it whatever color you want! The panel is unfinished wood, so you can really do whatever you want with it. I just personally chose white-washing because it was the look I was going for and was so. dang. easy. I hope this answered all your questions, and if it didn’t leave them in the comments!  And if you make it, please tag me on Instagram I can’t wait to see your headboards!


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