Current Amazon Favorites

I don’t know about y’all, but I am a liiiiittle obsessed with Amazon Prime. I mean.. free two-day shipping, great pricing, and literally everything I want with just a click. It’s kind of a problem. You know that “please hide packages from husband” doormat? I feel like I need that thanks to good old Amazon Prime. I can’t be alone in this, right!? Either way, I put together a list of my current Amazon faves! I hope you like it 🙂

* I am an Amazon affiliate, which means I get a small commission from purchases made on their website, but you will NEVER pay more to purchase them through my links! I only get credit if you purchase on their website, though, not in the app. So if you could use the site, I would be so so appreciative! I sincerely am thankful for your support. Really. Love y’all.*

And now.. let’s see the goodies!


Purple Shampoo – I swear by this purple shampoo. It takes all the brassy yellow tones out of my hair. And it’s only $10!

Spiral Hair Ties – No “pony tail” indent. These are the best brand of these that I have found. Read the reviews!

1 1/4 ” Curling Iron – My new hairdresser used this to curl my hair and I loved it. So I bought it off Amazon! I use this curling iron if I want the “clamp” and a more traditional kind of curl.

Other Curling Iron I use – This one is only 1″ and doesn’t have a clamp. So the curls can be a little tighter but really give a “beachy look.”

Best Powder Ever – This is ‘drugstore’ face powder but the quality is amaaazing. I always get it on Amazon because it is usually $4 cheaper than Target or Walmart pricing. I wear the 020 & it really does make your face “photo ready.”

Wet Brush – Only brush that doesn’t pull the hair right out of my head when I brush it wet. This brush has been huuuuge in growing my hair out because I’m not breaking/pulling hair out as much. And it’s only $7 on Amazon.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – You can get it at Target/Walmart… but it’s way cheaper on Amazon! I use this stuff religiously because I hate washing and drying my hair! Lol.


“Creamery” Tea Towel – I love this $8 tea towel. I ordered it and it’s such a good price!

Eucalyptus Garland – Only $13.99! Great reviews. Would be so cute to lay along a mantel or for a tablescape.

Pom Pom Blanket – I have been eyeing this for a looong time. And the price dropped! So I ordered it for our bedroom! I think it is just so cute and the reviews are amazing!

Echo Dot – We got our son an Echo Dot for Christmas and our entire family loves it! “Alexa, set a timer for 30 minutes.” “Alexa, play Garth Brooks.” “Alexa, what is the weather tomorrow?” I am convinced everybody needs an Alexa.

Robot Vacuum – I have this Deebot. And it works AMAZING. I have a lab that sheds everywhere, and this thing is a dream. It was 10000% worth every single penny.

Instant Pot – $69 on sale. I love love love my Instant Pot. So many healthy, quick, and delicious meals you can make in this thing.

Farmer’s Market Pillow Cover – $7.99. 18×18. And so cute! Great reviews.

This Wreath – Really cute for a cabinet above the stove or range hood! I might put it on my front door! It comes in multiple sizes.


Maxi Dress – Comes in so many colors and is SO CUTE! Perfect for Spring + Summer.

Bell Sleeve Dress – Another perfect dress for the warmer weather! I have this and it’s my go-to for summer barbecues or date nights! Comes in a lotta colors.

Tri-Color T-Shirt – Have + love this. So many color options. Great price. Great reviews.

Ankle Strap Sandals – Perfect for summer! Would be so cute with cuffed jeans or a dress. Multiple colors.

These Espadrilles – I ordered these in two colors! I loved them so much. I like that the wedge is not super high (I’m tall) but you still get a little height. Can’t wait to wear it with a sundress!


Yeti Wine Tumbler – I love these for Spring & Summer! I use them all the time camping, at barbecues, at the lake… They keep your wine (or beverage of choice) cold + refreshing for hours. They make a great gift, too!

Body Love – This is one of my favorite books! It has delicious recipes, explains how our body processes food, and talks about living in balance. Kelly Leveque, the author, is a holistic nutritionist & she really just kills it with this book. She teaches you how to fuel your body with nourishing foods that won’t leave you reaching for a snack 30 minutes after you finish eating.

Passion Planner  – This is the only planner that I have actually used for more than two weeks! Yay. I like it because it’s more than just a normal planner. It’s a planner, a motivator, a journal.. I love being able to write down my feelings or goals or anything that is in my head. At the end of every month there’s a reflection section, too!

Faux Leather Apple Watch Band – Waaaayyy cheaper than the ones at Nordstrom and Target, and just as cute!

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